Welcome to Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic was set up with the aim of making our clients’ dreams of enhanced physical appearance a reality. At our Manchester based Cosmetic Surgery Clinic you will find that we provide an extensive range of cutting edge cosmetic surgery procedures. We offer the following cosmetic surgery procedures: blepharoplasty, browlift, facelift, pinnaplasty, rhinoplasty and scar revision. We also offer non invasive procedures to eliminate wrinkles and lines.

The Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is renowned for the empathetic way in which we make sure that our clients fully comprehend and are totally comfortable with the procedures we provide. We are able to do this by offering our clients individual evaluations. The outcome of this consultation will be used to recommend the most appropriate procedure to achieve the best results for our clients. Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic ensures that its clients are provided with detailed information about all the options that are available together with the benefits and risks of each procedure.

Our Surgeons

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic surgeons have been trained to the highest level in the US, Europe and in the UK. At the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic we are firm believers that the best decisions are made by patients who are well informed by an understanding and empathetic surgeon. Consequently, these factors will culminate in the best result being achieved. Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic only carries out procedures in up to date operating facilities of well known hospitals.

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